Economic Cooperation

international-cooperation-quote-300x167The process of internationalization of the economy – Calabrian production inevitably need to develop and strengthen multisectoral action: from the export of products to the attraction of investment and capital human.

However, the long delay with which the system moves Calabria makes it essential approach to these activities also accompanying operations, education and training for internationalization, providing interventions that can enhance the improvement of the ability of companies to build relationships and innovative relationships with foreign partners and meet – especially in terms of quality – the needs and demands of the international market.

From this, the Institute of International Politics Calabrese to promote a series of international initiatives designed to contribute to the development of the economy, production, cultural and educational system of the region.

In this regard, the Institute involves all the production sectors of the economy of Calabria, raising a new image of Calabria and the production system in an international context .

The growing strategic importance of the phenomenon of internationalization of economies and regional companies is a key factor in the growth prospects of a given territory.

The term “internationalization” has taken, however, especially in recent years, meaning a wider and more pervasive: in addition to the customary and traditional phenomena of trading of goods and services or investment activities of international companies, dress up a growing role the relationships in other factors of production which increasingly are recognized at the base of economic and social development, for example, capital flows human knowledge and the nature of international relations, institutional (eg. through twinning, work experience, language training or development cooperation).

Just from the need to combine economic initiatives and business development initiatives and activities of international cooperation between countries, enhancement of local culture and human capital led to the proposal dell’IsCaPI oriented promotion in the world of a “package Calabria.”  

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