cooperazione-internazionaleThe IsCaPI, to favor the internazionalization of the local territory, promotes strategies of action directed to develop, a virtuous circuit among public politics, financial resources, economic potentiality of the private corporate body and social – cultural capacities of the civil society.

For these reasons the IsCaPI, competes to the development of the social system, economic productive, cultural and of the human capital in Calabria, through specific based actions on the development of social, cultural, educational and scientific exchanges, formative stages – in private companies and public insitituzions in international circle – together to the commercial exchanges, shows, fairs and tied up twinships to the formation and the international cooperation and the internazionalization of the Calabrian/Italian productions.

In this sense it creates, the IsCaPI organizes and coordinates activities of cooperation in scientific, social, cultural and economic circle, inserted in actions of system that involve different Italian  and foreigners subjects in cyclical actions within shared plannings.

The programs activated by the IsCaPI are:

Programma Pitagora Mundus

Programma IILA Calabria

Summer Peace University