Program IILA Calabria

iila calabriaThe program “IILA Calabria ” is a marketing project that is part of the development of international promotion started by Is.Ca.PI in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the celebrations of the 150th Anniversary of the Chambers of Commerce in Italy.

The program is embodied in the invitation to host for a week in July and September AC, all the Ambassadors and their families (up to a maximum of 4 components) of the countries belonging IILA, guests at many hotels present on the territory of the Province of Cosenza.

The objectives to be achieved with the Program “IILA Calabria ” are:

make known the artistic heritage, historical, cultural, landscape and food and wine of the Province of Cosenza and the Calabria region, as well as its economic and social fabric;

to create the conditions for mutual understanding designed to encourage, promote and carry out actions aimed at the development of the territory of the Province of Cosenza and in general of the Calabria region in a spirit of international openness towards the countries of Central and South America;

create conditions designed to encourage, promote and implement actions aimed to the planning and realization of exchange initiatives and promotions in the commercial sectors, small and medium-sized businesses, operating in the fields of high technology and research, tourism, environment, alternative energy and agriculture within the EU and internationally.

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