Pitagora Mundus Program

In V century bc Pythagoras was of Crotone established his school of life and truth, the “School Italica of Wisdom”, which in the eclectic approach to knowledge, had its greatest strength.

4 TThe Pythagorean thought is extremely timely, probably essential to educate the man to the knowledge of if and to the tolerance of the other.

The relational unity, qualitative and quantitative of the world will be one of the foundations of scientific thought, in the subsequent centuries and millennia, through developments of mathematics, geometry, topology and logic.

The Pythagoras Program MUNDUS intends to contribute to the creation of a network of knowledge that deepens issues related to the renewal of the common feelings toward the promotion of harmony among the nations.

Today it is, therefore, precise duty of any educational institute develop so much wisdom and follow in his footsteps.

In this sense, the Pythagoras MUNDUS provides for the creation of 10 “Schools of Wisdom” is open to the best skills to deepen and promote the study of the dynamic scientific and socio-political current, through moments of recovery and diffusion of culture magno-greek, italica and euro-mediterranean.

10 Schools that will represent a studies center international, understood as agora of thought, which is at the center of one interdisciplinary synthesis of knowledge.

10 Schools in 10 villages that collaborate with various countries in the world to tackle a remodelling cultural, social and political through deepening and the promotion of a model based on the transparency of ideas and knowledge and the events of history and experience social and political.

A network of knowledge that will reinvigorate and develops the creative thinking through scientific discussions and cultural.

The Program Pythagoras MUNDUS will as well as cultural action of an international character which reintroduces correlations rich meanings of temporal and spatial.

It should emerge two orders of research and compared: a geopolitical order and a bio-pedagogical.

With the first the Calabria will be placed in the center of the ongoing encounter of thought historical, scientific, philosophical and religious in the Mediterranean basin, contamination of three continents.

With the second, propose pedagogically the great unification between the nations of the Earth.


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