Interns English Skill Enhancement Program

The ILAS under the ISCAPI through Italy- East Asian Research Center would like to provide opportunities for Asians and Italians to immerse themselves with a totally different learning environment in which they could expand their networks and broaden their horizons.

As English is becoming a global language such expertise in this field especially for aspiring professionals is of utmost importance.

The Italy- East Asian Research Center would like to realize such goal of every young professional “Interns English Skill Enhancement Program.


The newly launch Interns English Skill Enhancement Program by the Italy-East Asian Research Center under the Istituto Calabrese Politiche Internazionali will take place in the office of Italy-East Asia Research Center 6 hours per week.

The remaining time will be allotted to devise curriculum, write journals and teaching paraphernalia, mini excursion, and website enhancement.

The cost of the program depends on the duration and intensiveness of the program.

The program is flexible and could be adjusted depending on the agreement of both parties.

Hence, if amendment is necessary then before the marketing and advertising of the said program a discussion between the two parties should be facilitated.

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