Pitagora Mundus Program Axis II – Call 2016/2017

Pitagora Mundus Program

Axis II

– Call 2016/2017 –

Reciving applications for the Exchange Program Pitagora Mundus 2016/2017
Italian Professional and Vocational Education Training Program (Level 3 and 4 of of European Qualifications Framework), aimed to high school students between 16 and 18 years old.

Multicultural Exchange Program

Pitagora Mundus Program
Open Call for the Exchange Program Pitagora Mundus 2016/2017
40 Places available to participate in a Professional and Vocational Education Training Program (Level 3 and 4 of of European Qualifications Framework), aimed to high school students between 16 and 18 years old.


Professional and Vocational Education Training   (Level 3 and 4 of of European Qualifications Framework)


The “Pitagora Mundus” is an educational and multicultural exchange program developed by the Calabrian Institute of International Policies (Is.Ca.P.I.) in collaboration with the Council of Culture of the Regional Government and the Regional Offices of Education Ministry of Calabria and the provinces and municipalities within the Region of Calabria and Campania, under the special support of the Italian Ministry of Education. Is the result of the cooperation between various countries of the world, in the search for a permanent improvement of the living conditions, growth of economic conditions, social and gender equality and long-term environmental sustainability.

International Multicultural Cooperation with Secondary High Schools

Considering that the main obstacle faced by the young is the problem of the access to education. Education should   be a central element of the strengthen of peace, consequently in the education scope, as in all other areas, sustained peace must be the most important condition for human development and this is ideological premise that supports the structure of the Pitagora Mundus Program.


City of Salerno – Region of Campania:

–         High School Human Science (Liceo Statale) “R. Margherita” of Salerno

–         Higher Education Institute  of Tourism

City of Palmi – Region of Calabria:

–        Higher Education Institute (I.I.S.) “L. EINAUDI” of Palmi    

–        Agricultural Technical School (I.T.A.) of Palmi  

Areas of Study

Salerno – Region of Campania:

Liceo Statale “R. Margherita”  –  www.liceoreginamargheritasalerno.it/

–         High School Human Sciences

–         High School Human Sciences Social Economic Option

–         High School language

–         High School Science

–         High School Science option Applied Science

–         Tourism


Palmi – Region of Calabria:

Higher EducationIinstitute (I.I.S.) “L. EINAUDI” of PALMI     – www.iiseinaudipalmi.gov.it

–         Administration, Finance and marketing

–         international relation for the marketing

–         Tourism

–         Informatic

–         Energetic System

–         Elettric

–         Elettronic

Agricultural Technical School (I.T.A.) of Palmi   – www.iiseinaudipalmi.gov.it

–         Agriculture (viticulture and enology)

–         agroalimentary and   agroindustriy

–         production and food processing,

–         managing the environment and territory

–         agro tourism


Salerno – Region of Campania: National Boarding School “T. Tasso”  – 

Official Site    video promo

The National College “T. Tasso” is an educational institution where students secondary school, regardless of sex differentiation study and find a home as boarders; it is the only public facility that over time has combined residential education and training.

The National Boarding School “T. Tasso” was established in 1811 and is located in an ancient monastery that was built during the eleventh century.

For two centuries the National Boarding School is a reference point for the city of Salerno and the South of Italy, forming several generations of famous politicians, letters and scientists.


Palmi – Region of Calabria: Convitto Agricultural Technical School of Palmi

The Campus, adjoining the headquarters of the, has been active since 1912. It is home to students (male only) off-site of all high schools in the province and foreign students of intercultural Pitagora Mundus Program. It opens from Monday to Sunday and is primarily a valuable educational support with positive effect on the personal and social growth, as well as on the educational achievement of pupils guests.

The students are followed by education personnel, at all times of the day.

Reference Institutions

Istituto Calabrese di Politiche Internazionali

Programatic Offer

Selected students will be entitled to the following services:

–  Accommodation (boarding house or other facilities linked to the schools);  (bed, wardrobe, bedside table, bed linen and towels);

–  Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner in the style of the Mediterranean Diet);

–  Education and general school expenses (books, tuition registration, insurance and provision of educational materials);

–   Extra-curricular activities (sports, cultural, technical, tourist, etc) in different areas such as:

Educational activities:   Organization of Intensive Italian as a second language Course and culture including didactic materials;

Cultural Activities: Organization of  cultural events (eg. Book presentations, exhibitions of painting, sculpture, fashion shows, etc.);

Social Activities: Organizing of a themed party and other social activities ;

Sports Activities: Organization of sport activities and support to involving the student also in local Sports Official Clubs

Guided Tours: Organization of guided tours, in various municipalities for the knowledge of their customs and traditions;

Promotion activities: Organization of an annual international meeting on the relations of friendship between Italy and Egypt, Iraq, Argentina and Paraguay;

Social Media interaction: online interaction and promotion of the activities developed through social media, were students become principal actors and managers of the content to be publish;

Legal Assistance: Legal advice service for any student through law firms specializing in immigration policy;

Administrative assistance: Administrative assistance provided by local responsible for any kind of administrative support.

Other services

–   Italian social and health insurance (valid one year) as so as forecast in National Health Assistance;

–   Stay Permit (valid one school year) ;

Annual Program Fee

Total:  2.400,00 €

Dead Line

 30 June 2016 application


3 years or 5 years




Please complete the application form here:

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