Italy-East Asia Research Center


The Italy-East Asia Research Center is a sub branch of the Istituto Calabrese di Politiche Internazionali whose main aim is to provide opportunities for academicians from East-Asia and Italy to develop professional growth, career expansion, and cultural exchange through several projects, youth exchanges, researches, symposiums, seminars, and dialogues.

The Vision

Our vision is to foster academic, professional, geographical, and intercultural growth between ASEN and European communities that will broaden ties between them in order to break the barriers between the two continents and eradicate the culture of xenophobia through providing NETWORK amongst them by establishing ITALY EAST ASIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE

The Mission


This association underscores the need for intercultural and professional growth amongst the participating country through activities implemented by the Institute.

Accordingly, our mission is to make significant contributions on the intellectual, intercultural, and interracial growth of the participants through

  • Building a spirit of camaraderie, collaboration, and shared vision through purposeful engagement that fosters meaningful relationships among individuals and organizations
  • Developing and providing strategic services and support in augmenting individual and local capacity in education and the public sector
  • Generating and supporting innovative, high-quality research focused on education and related policy areas in order to inform decisions and support the creation of relevant, effective public policies


We strive to:

  • Contribute to the positive development of the PEOPLE and COMMUNITY
  • COLLABORATE with individuals and organizations, especially between ASEAN and Europe, to further strengthen and enhance the impact of our work and ties amongst our partners
  • Cultivate a culture of RESPECT and demonstrate INCLUSIVENESS for all those who are around us
  • Achieve the highest QUALITY and levels of PROFESSIONALISM in all we do: our method to our work, our research, our service offerings, and our engagement activities
  • Approach our work with PASSION and practice INTEGRITY in everything we do
  • Model STEWARDSHIP in the use of community resources, knowledge, and relationships as we work toward advancing our mission