International Relations

International Relations are the soul of the IsCaPI and its reason to be.

In ten years of work the Institute has created relations with 20 countries in the world and also with more than 50 bodies (public and private bodies) abroad.

The network created by IsCaPI offers numerous opportunities under a cultural and economic point of view.

In particular, the network which IsCaPI refers to has shown that it is able to:

Transfer investment fluxes within Calabria and southern Italy in general;

Aim investments within the local territory on behalf of the entrepreneurs abroad, offering detailed reports of risk and investment opportunity;

Aim National investments abroad offering all the necessary information in order to reduce any risk;

Put investors in touch with chambers of commerce, training bodies and the public bodies belonging to the territory abroad;

Create packages aimed at work training which is able to create a class of managers  for the entrepreneurial start-up within the local territory through the involvement of local human resources;

Favor the insertion of foreign investors within Calabria and southern Italy in general through the public and private institutions interested in capital;

Create training packages aimed at succession planning for all entrepreneurs who have already begun relations with Italy and who intend to guarantee the continuity of such contacts;

Begin cooperation relations with the networks of immigrants in the foreign country in order to favor a capital return in the country of origin.

The partners of the network include numerous public bodies who already develop their internationalisation politics through the IsCaPI network.

To the abovementioned “hub and spoke” cooperation which has its drive and development, one must add the horizontal cooperation between the point of the network, the possibilities which increase the opportunities of employment that the system created by the Institute, guarantees.

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