Cooperation and Sustainability for an Inclusive World

Global vision: education, research and identity

What We Want to Accomplish and Why

The Calabrian Institute of International Policy has as its main objectives to promote scientific research, professional training and the dissemination of international culture.

By actively collaborating with academic institutions and international organizations, it aims to generate innovative knowledge and contribute to the scientific debate on international policies.

At the same time, it aims to foster local economic development by enhancing the area's entrepreneurial capabilities and facilitating investment nationally and internationally. Through partnerships with public and private entities, as well as educational and cultural institutions, the Institute promotes knowledge exchange and contributes to the growth of the local community.

It also engages in the enhancement of local cultural identities and traditions, promoting an open and inclusive dialogue between different regional, national and international cultures. Through cultural initiatives, events and specialized publications, the Institute works to preserve and promote cultural diversity in mutual respect and cultural enrichment.

In summary, IsCAPI aims to be a point of reference in scientific research, professional training and cultural promotion, contributing significantly to building a more inclusive, supportive and peaceful world.