Cultural Integration, Economic Solidarity

Dialogue and Cohesion: a Common Vision for the Mediterranean.

What We Want to Accomplish and Why


The MedPol Platform is a network of individual and collective actors acting in a polycentric area encompassing European and Mediterranean countries.

The network has an activating entity, the Calabrian Institute of International Policies (IsCaPI), an institute for training, research and studies of: international politics and economics, economic and cultural cooperation, regional integration processes and relations between countries at different levels of development, established in Calabria in 2005.

IsCaPI promotes the creation of the MedPol Platform by pursuing the ideal of peace and brotherhood among different peoples, affirming the right to happiness of the individual and communities, and acting in accordance with the principles of sustainability and security.

The network aims to:

To stimulate forms of partnership in an increasingly globalized multicultural world and, especially, between the Mediterranean, Europe and the Arab and Islamic World.

Strengthening relations between the Mediterranean, Europe and the Arab and Islamic World.

To enhance the dignity of the Mediterranean world and the multiple realities that make it up, and to help ensure that Italy and Calabria can assume the function of a hinge between Europe and the Mediterranean countries.

Promoting social inclusion and sustainable development in the Mediterranean Area through innovation and capacity building in the context of the globalization of the learning economy.

Develop new analytical frameworks through coupling regional and local development research with research, development, and mutual learning among participants from different Mediterranean countries

Design more appropriate and innovative public policies that aim to stimulate innovation and competence building within small and medium-sized enterprises in Mediterranean Area countries

To increasingly promote shared values through a strengthened dialogue between cultures that contributes to the rapprochement of societies and peoples for the establishment of peace and shared prosperity.

To promote and develop actions of Euro-Mediterranean partnership and decentralized cooperation in order to transform the discourse that takes place in the Mediterranean area and involves the Euro-Mediterranean area, now concurrent but divided, into an open and constructive general conversation that promotes encounter, exchange, mutual respect, collaboration and solidarity among neighboring countries.

Establish contacts with authorities, public and private bodies, moral entities and cultural and scientific institutions in various countries to agree on forms of cooperation and support.

To foster permanent constructive dialogue and confrontation among young people in the Euro-Mediterranean area in order to promote social inclusion and activate and structure exchanges of experience and knowledge on issues such as school, work, training, employment, and mutual cultural values.

To establish a network of cultural, scientific and economic relations and exchanges among Universities, Associations, Foundations, Institutions, Businesses and Civil Society ˗ bodies from Euro-Mediterranean and non ˗ countries that pursue similar goals and are interested in contributing to the implementation of global projects capable of strengthening the Euro-Mediterranean partnership.

Take every initiative to ensure reference points and promotion of activities aimed at connecting Italy and Calabria with Euro-Mediterranean countries.

To be a vector of cohesion and complementarity in order to achieve a common management of the Euro-Mediterranean space, including through the Euro-Mediterranean policies of the European Union (the Barcelona Process, the Neighborhood Policies, the Union for the Mediterranean, EU-League of Arab States relations, etc.) and the UN (Alliance of Civilizations).

Facilitate the participation of actors from Institutions and Civil Society in existing and ongoing networks, platforms, forums and other spaces for dialogue, encouraging connections and partnerships in order to avoid duplication and consequent waste of resources.

Develop dialogue between societies and cultures as a means of affirming fundamental rights (civil and political liberties; economic, social and cultural rights; gender equality), democracy and justice, pursuing values of mutual respect and valuing differences.

To be a tool for seeking solutions to unresolved problems in order to eliminate threats to peace through strategies of peaceful coexistence.


The MedPol Platform aims to promote, organize, manage:

  • Competitions for scholarships and awards for research, activities and studies relevant to the purposes of the network;
  • Training, refresher and retraining activities with a focus on unemployed and/or employed youth already placed;
  • Training activities aimed at students of all grades;
  • Training activities aimed at the pursuit of the Platform's goals: particularly for the training of technical, scientific and cultural practitioners of Euro-Mediterranean Civil Society;
  • Publishing, computer, multimedia and audiovisual activities;
  • Activities in any artistic-cultural-scientific field: music, dance, film, literature, painting, fine arts, etc;
  • Initiatives for awarding prizes for peace, culture, science, art, etc.
  • Cooperative activities, understood as socio/economic/cultural interchanges;
  • Informative and advisory activities, designed to establish and maintain contacts, including through initiatives of artistic-cultural promotion, music, exhibitions, sports activities, training internships, as well as economic and financial activities or otherwise related to the development of the territory to which it belongs, on its own behalf, its members and for third parties.

The Aces of MedPOL Platform