Cultural diversity, shared visions

Weaving stories by weaving relationships

We cultivate an interconnected world

International Relations is the very soul of IsCaPI and its raison d'être.

In more than 10 years of operation, the facility has closed working relationships with dozens of countries around the world and more than 50 facilities (including public and private entities) located abroad.

The network created by IsCaPI now offers numerous opportunities, as well from a cultural as from an economic point of view.

In particular, the network to which IsCaPI refers has demonstrated its ability to:

Connect investors with chambers of commerce, educational institutions and public bodies pertaining to the relevant foreign territory;

create training-work oriented packages capable of creating a leadership class for entrepreneurial start-ups in the area through the involvement of local human capital;

Promote the inclusion of foreign investors in the territory of Calabria and southern Italy in general through approaching public and private institutions interested in attracting capital;

create training packages geared toward succession planning for all entrepreneurs who already have established relationships with Italy and intend to ensure the business continuity of these contacts;

Initiate cooperative relationships with the immigrant network in the foreign country in order to encourage a return of capital to the country of origin.

Network partners include many public entities that already develop, through the IsCaPI network , part of their internationalization policies.

To the hub-and-spoke type of cooperation just described, which has in IsCaPI its center of propulsion and development, we need to add "horizontal" cooperation between the points of the network, a possibility that disproportionately increases the job opportunities that a system like the one created by the Institute guarantees.