In the fifth century B.C. Pythagoras made Croton the seat of his school of life and truth, the "Italic School of Wisdom," which in its eclectic approach to knowledge, had its greatest strength.

4 TPythagorean thought is extremely relevant today, probably fundamental ineducating humans in self-knowledge and tolerance of the other . The relational, qualitative and quantitative unity of the world will be one of the foundations of scientific thought, in the following centuries and millennia, through developments in mathematics, geometry, topology and logic.

The Program PYTHAGORAS MUNDUS aims to contribute to the creation of a network of knowledge that explores issues related to the renewal of common feeling toward the promotion of harmony among people.

It is now, therefore, the precise duty of any educational institution to value such wisdom and follow in its footsteps.

In this sense the PYTHAGORAS MUNDUS envisions the creation of 10 "Wisdom Schools" open to the best skills to deepen and promote the study of current scientific and socio-political dynamics through moments of recovery and dissemination of Magna-Greek, Italic and Euro-Mediterranean culture.

10 schools that will represent an international study center, intended as an agora of thought, the center of an interdisciplinary synthesis of knowledge.

10 schools in 10 boroughs collaborating with different countries around the world to address cultural, social and political reshaping through deepening and promoting a model based on transparency of ideas and knowledge and events in history and social and political experiences.

A knowledge network that invigorates and develops creative thinking through scientific and cultural discussions.

The PITAGORA MUNDUS Program will thus stand as a cultural action with an international character that re-proposes correlations rich in temporal and spatial meanings.

Two orders of finalized and comparative research should emerge from it: a geopolitical order and a bio-pedagogical order.

With the former, Calabria will be placed at the center of the permanent meeting of historical, scientific, philosophical and interreligious thought in the Mediterranean, a basin of contamination of three continents.

With the second, he will pedagogically propose the great unification among the peoples of the Earth.