Agreement signed between IsCaPI, the Federation Of Arab Councils Of Scientific Research and the Academy Of Scientific Innovation in Sudan.

Khartoum, Sudan, Thursday, November 13.

sudan 4Within the framework of the Pythagoras Mundus Program, a Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Calabrian Institute of International Policy, represented by President SALVATORE LA PORTA; the Academy of Scientific Innovation, represented by Director HALA GAMIL LITHY; and The Federation Of Arab Councils Of Scientific Research represented by Director General Prof. MUBARAK MAGZOB, on the occasion of the Conference on Technical Education Development, celebrated in Khartoum, Sudan, Thursday, Nov. 13.

The agreement signed, proposes to promote and develop cultural relations between the Arab world and Italy through relations with public and private entities, enabling them to promote relations of peace, friendship and equality; and to foster and develop socio-cultural, economic and scientific relations between Italy and the Arab countries, geared toward strengthening cooperation in the ‘education and vocational training of young people.

It also intends to carry out socio-cultural, educational and scientific exchanges, training internships at local companies and institutions, along with trade exchanges and to foster artistic, musical performances, exhibitions, fairs, twinning and joint programs with visits and exchanges of public and private administrators and subjects related to international training and cooperation under the Pythagoras Mundus Program.

The ‘implementation of the Program will enable students from Arab and Italian countries to engage, therefore, with peers of other cultures, different lifestyles, different religion, language and customs, enriching their knowledge.

The main objective of the agreement is to meet the needs of the Arab and Islamic world in the fields of agriculture, tourism, and the wood industry through the training of qualified personnel. Specifically, the Agreement concerns the offer to host in Italy and ensure their attendance at :

  • 25 (twenty-five) Arab students, at vocational high schools, for 5 years,
  • 25 (twenty-five) Arab students , at high schools Italian universities for 5 years,
  • 20 (twenty) teachers, for their ten-week training internship ;
  • Twenty (20) students, attached for training internship.

IsCaPI in cooperation with the schools, universities, companies and municipalities involved in the Program that will host the students, will ensure the overall coordination of the program and extracurricular activities. The agreement signed under the Pythagoras Mundus Program provides for the involvement of all Arab countries that are members of the Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils , through the latter’s promotion of the program. The agreement’s argument starts from the assumption that an economy such as today’s is knowledge-based so, it demands greater shares of the workforce with technical and college education. So it is through education that avenues are opened to enter the labor market. sudan1 sudan2 Sudan5 Sudan6 Sudan7 Sudan8 sudan 4