1454887_593145197449238_4440822028784987786_nThe Is.Ca.P.I.  – Calabrian Institute of International Politicies – is  a no profit organization founded in 2005 at the University of Calabria.

The Institute operates in the fields of education research and studies of international politics and economics; the economic and cultural cooperation, the processes of regional integration and relations between countries at different levels of development.

Includes among the founding members various public and private institutions within the region of Calabria.

Since January 2007, relies on the presence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an honorary member and permanent member of the Board of Directors.

The main aim of the institute is to offer educational and information services within regional and international networks of educational interest, either developed or developing,  which are aimed at  public and international mobility and at promoting the image of Calabria in the world.

The aims of the Institute are:

The promotion of study, research and culture in the fields of legal sciences, environmental, physical and mathematical, natural, of techno-science and historical sciences, social and human, as well as industrial policies and trade and international community;

The promotion and collaboration in the design and implementation of joint initiatives and international cooperation, exchange and promotions in the tourist, commercial, small and medium-sized enterprises, crafts and agribusiness;

Support to the development policies of territorial systems oriented to community interests and international associated bodies.

The dissemination and information of these activities in the national area through the common members and abroad through the support networks.

The Institute carries out its activities independently and free from conditionings.

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