The Pythagoras Mundus Summer School 2014 Program, sponsored by the Calabrian Institute of International Policies in collaboration with the Municipal Administration, has kicked off at the Historical Center of Belvedere Marittimo.

Throughout July and September, the village will host students from different countries outside Europe, who will study Italian language and culture and have the opportunity to learn about and appreciate the different realities and traditions that populate the area.

Belvedere village presentationAt 10:30 a.m., in the Council Chamber of the Municipality of Belvedere Marittimo, the official presentation of the Pythagoras Mundus Program took place, in the presence of Mayor Eng. Enrico Granata and Municipal Delegate for the Program Adv. Maria Donato, together with Is.Ca.P.I. President Salvatore La Porta and the staff working on the Program.

The mayor welcomed the students from the July course,and wished them a happy stay in the borough, followed by the president of Is.Ca.P.I. who explained the objectives and activities of the Pythagoras Mundus Program to the administration.

They are represented by the desire to create in Calabria centers of excellence aimed at the study of some particular aspects of modern culture, in a climate of social and cultural interchange directly inspired by the “Italian School of Wisdom” that Pythagoras established in Crotone during the fifth century BC. The Pythagoras Mundus Program aims to contribute to the creation of a network of knowledge that explores issues related to the renewal of common feeling toward the promotion of harmony among people.

Belvedere Marittimo thus proposes itself as the “Village of Wisdom,” making its skills and resources available, with the aim of creating strong ties of interchange between students and residents, with the intention of revitalizing the town’s Historic Center.

Program activities include Italian lessons in the morning, followed by several “Paths” of discovery of the area, its eno-gastronomic traditions, its artisan riches and the events that enliven it; in this regard, the July Program is strongly integrated with the events proposed during the Belvederese Summer.