Official meeting at the Embassy of Iraq in Italy.

At the conclusion of their six-month stay in Italy for the Pythagoras Mundus Program, students from Iraqi Kurdistan, accompanied by their tutors, together with IsCaPI President Salvatore La Porta, local authorities from the host countries, and the school principals of Diamante, Concetta Smeriglio, and Scigliano, Fernanda Petrisano, were guests on a visit ufficial at the Embassy of Iraq.
The meeting, organized exclusively for the occasion, in the presence of all the diplomatic staff, Iraq’s Ambassador to Italy Saywan Barzani and Ambassador to the Holy See Habeeb Al-Sadr, was an opportunity to illustrate the boys’ cultural and human journey in Italy.iraq embassy meeting
The ambassador, Saywan Barzany, said he was pleased and satisfied with this initiative, and there was no lack of thanks on his part to the Italian government and the region of Calabria for their efforts and the work they are doing in this d
One of the goals of the project is precisely to broaden one’s horizons and grow in respect for “other cultures,” open up mutually enriching intercultural dynamics and help invest in a different future.
It is with this spirit that IsCaPI was established as an entity responsible for fostering intercultural exchange between Italy and third countries, in order to help develop mutual understanding, promoting the peculiarities and excellences of each country through the tools of culture, training, sports, outings and guided tours to discover the territory.