Pitágora Mundus Program:

Italy-Paraguay cooperation, pathways to new opportunities


A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministry of Women of the Republic of Paraguay, represented by H.E. Minister Ana Maria Baiardi and the Calabrian Institute of International Policy, represented by President Salvatore La Porta, at the conference “Pythagoras Mundus Program: Italy-Paraguay Cooperation, Pathways to New Opportunities”.

salvatoreministraPythagoras Mundus is an international training and interchange program organized in Calabria thanks to the support of the Department of Culture of the Region of Calabria in collaboration with the regional school office, the five provinces and several municipalities and schools in the region.

The agreement signed, proposes to foster and develop socio-cultural, economic and scientific relations between Italy and Paraguay, geared toward strengthening the principles of equal opportunities and gender equality.

The main objective is to collaborate in building an international network formed by public and private entities, which intend, through integrated training programs, to work together toward a more equitable and harmonious future, respecting the peoples and resources of the planet.

The activities will be designed and organized in partnership paths based on mutual respect and recognition of mutual benefits that will allow fostering relationships of peace, friendship and equality between Italy and Paraguay.discorsominister

Specifically, IsCaPI and the Ministry of Women of the Republic of Paraguay by signing this Memorandum of Understanding, commit to promote cooperation and exchange of experiences in the following areas:

– Exchange and cultural cooperation activities through students and professional programs, both in the public and private sectors;

– Collaboration and research in the implementation of development projects and the implementation of international cooperation actions;

– Organization and promotion of language and cultural diversity courses.

Special attention and interest will be paid especially to young women from disadvantaged families, for whom specific training programs, internships and apprenticeships will be planned and organized in Italy as well as in Paraguay. This first memorandum of understanding will be followed by further specific agreements regulating the actions to be taken from time to time.

During his visit, Councillor Mario Caligiuri, thanked Minister Ana Maria Baiardi, for her attention to Calabria, stressing the importance of culture and education in paths of development and cooperation among peoples, and how, along these lines, the Region has supported several study programs in recent years that now see hundreds of foreign students studying at Calabrian schools.


The event brought together all the representatives of the school and municipalities involved in the program; Concetta Smeriglio – Principal of IIS Diamante, Mayor Raffaele Pane of the Municipality of Scigliano, Fernanda Petrisano – Principal of IPA Scigliano, Luca Branda Mayor of the Municipality of Sant’Agata D’Esaro, Francesca Costanzo – Principal of the IIS of Sant’Agata D’Esaro, Sen. Cesare Marini Mayor of the Municipality of San Demetrio Corone, local authorities, universities and various parties interested in collaborating with the Program.

Also in the audience were young Paraguayan students living and studying at Unical.

ballocalabreseA space for cultural exchange where Minister Baiardi and the audience were able to witness the typical tarantella dance proposed by the Castrovillari group, and the bottle dance, a traditional dance from Paraguay.

The signing of the agreement was the highlight of a conference entitled: “Pitágora Mundus Program: Italy-Paraguay Cooperation, Pathways to New Opportunities,” organized in Rende under the patronage of the municipality.

The first meeting with the Calabria Region and its people

Upon her arrival, the Minister visited the University of Calabria, meeting with Rector Prof. Gino Crisci, along with Pro-Rector Prof. Guerino D’Ignazio and the head of the University’s international sector, Dr. Gianpiero Barbuto.unical2

During the meeting at the University, Minister Baiardi – Paraguay’s former ambassador to Italy – assured to propose to her colleague the possibility of embarking on a path of collaboration between Unical and Paraguay’s universities.

Doing the honors were Councillor for Equal Opportunity Marina Pasqua, and Councillor for Social Policy Ida Bozzo of the City of Rende, who welcomed the guest with gifts and floral tributes.

In the evening, accompanied by Rende City Councilor for Culture Vittorio Toscano, the minister visited the historic center and its Museums, finding the artistic heritage kept there extremely interesting, highlighting the great opportunity our region has in the tourist development of its cultural heritage and its natural and scenic beauty. paola2

While in Calabria, Minister Baiardi wanted to travel to Paola to the Shrine of St. Francis where she visited the sacred places accompanied by Provincial Father Gerardo, being deeply impressed to learn about the spiritual experience of the patron saint of Calabria, and promising as a gift typical textiles to be offered as a tribute to the Shrine.

Upon her departure, the Minister assured her return to Calabria within the next year to get to know this region and its people better, follow up on the actions envisaged in the agreement and concretely begin collaborative programs and activities between Italy and Paraguay.