Visit to Iraq by IsCaPI President

The President of IsCaPI-Salvatore La Porta-was a guest of the Ministry of Education of the Kurdistan Autonomous Region in Iraq.

After a series of meetings with the Ministry of Education’s international relations officers, the IsCaPI President met with students, parents and teachers from several schools in the cities of Erbil and Sulaymāniyya.

In his meetings, the President called on all actors to develop the cooperation program by extending it to Italian and Kurdish companies operating within the fields of study in which Iraqi students participating in the Pythagoras Mundus program are engaged.


To this end, it was intended to organize a reciprocal visit of an Italian and an Iraqi delegation to Italy and Kurdistan by 2016 in order to identify further areas of institutional, economic and cultural cooperation.

The president also represented the willingness to host students’ parents during the Christmas vacations or during the Novroz celebration.