Pythagoras Mundus Cup

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The IsCaPI, in collaboration with the Municipalities and Schools of Diamante, Sant’Agata d’Esaro and Scigliano, involved in the Pythagoras Mundus Program, within the framework of extracurricular activities aimed at the discovery of the territory, jointly with the aim of fostering implementation policies of cultural integration and social inclusion of foreign students hosted at the local communities, intended to organize a cultural, social and sports event centered on the holding of a triangular traveling soccer tournament with a provincial character called: Pythagoras Mundus Cup 2014.


The event will be divided into two stages:

  • the first, in the morning, will see a meeting between all students and accompanying persons involved and local authorities, which will be followed by activities aimed at discovering and getting to know the area.
  • the second, in the afternoon, after a communal lunch, will include recreational sports activities with participation in a triangular soccer tournament between teams representing the three Wisdom Villages of the Pythagoras Mundus Program. The event-and thus the tournament-is spread over three days scheduled on the days:
    • Sunday, May 11 in DIAMOND,
    • Sunday, May 18 in SCIGLIANO and
    • Sunday, June 01 (to be confirmed) in SANT’AGATA D’ESARO.

Participants will meet at a place to be specially notified by the host Village leaders, no later than 10 a.m. Similarly, the sports facilities where the matches will be played will be announced later. Students will have a sack breakfast with them for lunch, but the host village can offer hot food and/or drinks to guests if needed. Return is scheduled at the end of sports activities.

Tasks of the Host Village Organizing the local tourist reception and tour day; – Identifying the Soccer Field where the matches will be played and providing at least 2 balls; – Ensuring the presence of a doctor during the matches and a defibrillator; – Promoting the event to the local community to ensure as much citizen involvement in the event as possible.

Tasks of the Borgo in general – Organize a soccer team in which to involve at least three Italian players from the local area or enrolled at the local School; – Identify and appoint a technical recruiter/team coach; – Identify and appoint a technical chaperone for the team; – Ensure that the players on the team have a uniform consisting of at least a jersey and shorts. – Ensure transportation to the locations of the Event and provide it with a ball.


Art:1 Description.

The Tournament consists of three days. On each of the three days there will be three 11-a-side soccer matches, lasting 30 minutes each, in which each team will meet the other two opponents in order to determine a partial ranking (relative to each day) and an overall ranking, which will award victory to the team that has scored the most points over the three days of the Tournament.

Art:2 Participation category and age limits

The Tournament is reserved for Italian and Iraqi students involved in the Pythagoras Mundus Program who are under 18 years of age (excluding Iraqi students) .

Art.3 Team composition

Teams will consist of a maximum of 20 members as follows :

    • 18 players ;
    • 1 Technical selector (coach);
    • 1 Companion and technical staff .

    Teams must have a minimum of 6 Iraqi players and a minimum of 3 Italian players on the field.

    Art.4 Substitutions

    No. 7 substitutions are allowed, regardless of position, at any time during the match and for each individual match .

    Art.5 Triangle formula for each day

    The triangular will be held as follows:

    The triangular is held with the playing of no. 3 matches lasting 30′ minutes each to be played in succession after drawing lots:

      • 1st match team “a” – team “b” ;
      • 2nd match team “c” – loser 1st match ;
      • 3rd match team “c” – winner 1st match .

      Art.6 Rankings

      The tournament has three rankings:

      • Partial ranking
      • General Ranking
      • Fair Play Ranking

      The Partial Ranking will be specific and relative to each of the days of the tournament and is that which is derived from the results made by each team on each day

      The General Ranking will be drawn up according to the following criteria:

      General scoring

      • 3 points for victory ;
      • In case the match is tied at the end of 30 minutes of play, 3 penalty kicks will be taken for each. In the event of a further tie, it will proceed to the bitter end until a winning team is determined. Winning on penalties awards 2 points, losing on penalties awards 1 point;
      • No points in case of defeat.

      Special scoring assignment

      Additional points will be awarded to teams at the end of each day according to the following criteria:

      • 2 (two) points to the team that emerges 1st in the partial ranking of the day;
      • 1 (one) point to the 2nd place winner;
      • 0 (zero) points to the third.

      At the end of the Tournament, the following criteria will be adopted, in order, to determine the winner in the event of an overall tie between the three participating teams:

      1. Largest number of active goals in the entire Tournament;
      2. Fair Play Ranking;
      3. III. Drawing.

      The Fair Play Stand ings At the end of the Tournament, the team with the fewest disciplinary sanctions will be the winner of the special Fair Play standings. These are the criteria for awarding the various penalties:

        • A simple caution: 1 point;
        • one blue caution: 2 points ;
        • an expulsion: 3 points .

        Art.7 Race times

        Each individual competition will last 30′ minutes. Matches are played 11>11 on regulation-sized fields with regulation goals and use of No. 5 balls.

        Art.8 Penalty kicks

        In case of a tie at the end of a 30′ minute game.

        Art.9 Referees

        The competitions will be directed by referees directly designated by IsCaPI, i.e., by the accompanying technical companions of the teams who will play the roles of referee and linesman following a rotation criterion that does not involve refereeing the competitions in which their own team plays;

        Art.10 Tournament discipline

        The discipline of the tournament is entrusted to the IsCaPI Sports Manager who will have the role of Sports Judge . If, during the event, situations of intolerance caused by athletes, accompanying persons or supporters of the participating teams occur, the Sports Judge may exclude from the competition those responsible for the violent acts and at the same time will penalize by 5 points, in the overall standings, the team to which the perpetrators of the mentioned acts belong. On the field, the disciplinary sanctions that will be imposed are:

          • Yellow Card: Cautions;
          • Blue Card: Expulsion valid for the duration of the current game;
          • Red Card: Expulsion valid for the duration of all scheduled matches on the day.

          The principle of automaticity of disciplinary measures applies, whereby all sanctions are understood to be cumulative throughout the event.

          Art.11 Complaints

          Any complaints should be submitted at the end of each day.

          AWARDS The champion team, will be awarded the Trophy and a medal for all players. Prizes are provided for the other participating teams and awards for the goleador and the best goalkeeper.